Bottega Gold at the Opening of the First Vertical Take-off Airport

2nd May 2022

Bottega Gold

On April 27th, Urban-Air Port opened its first vetiport in Coventry, England, a small vertiport for air taxis and delivery drones.

Urban-Air Port (UAP) is a UK-based startup that aims to find new logistical and more sustainable solutions to reduce road traffic.

Air-One, the Coventry-based vetiport, is structured to include a selected retail offer, thanks to a limited number of physical shops, which help to sustain and increase business.

Bottega winery has embraced the project and is present with its own brand and products within the structure. On the occasion of the inauguration on April 27th, Bottega Gold, the Prosecco Doc characterised by its golden livery bottle, was served. The cartons of wine, just before the event, arrived from the sky with specially equipped drones.

Sandro Bottega, chairman of the company, said: “The Urban-Air Port project is a leap into the future under the banner of sustainability. It is therefore with great pleasure that we participate with our wines in the inauguration event. Here’s to the success of this innovative form of mobility.”

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