Bottega Opens Two Prosecco Bars at British Racecourses

31st May 2021

Bottega Prosecco Bar at Bath

Bottega resumes with renewed enthusiasm the Prosecco Bar project and announces two prestigious openings in May at the English racecourses of Bath and Windsor. These are two Bottega Terrazza Bar & Restaurant, as they are elegant outdoor spaces where you can watch the horse races and sip a glass of Prosecco, accompanying it with a selection of tasty Italian dishes. They are complemented by the Bottega Garden Bars, which are more agile structures, limited to drinks.

The two openings are of great value, as after a stall of over a year, they are the first since the start of the pandemic.

In detail, Bottega has defined a commercial agreement with the British group Arc (Arena Racing Company) for the introduction of its restaurant format at Bath, Windsor and, with a pop-up formula linked to specific events, for other racecourses in England.

Gallop races are an integral part of English and English-speaking countries’ traditions, and for the enthusiastic spectators they are a ritual with a long duration, thus representing the ideal context for promoting the culture of Italian wine and food.

Bottega Prosecco Bar at Windsor

Sandro Bottega, President of Bottega S.p.A., says. “We have always loved horse racing and the people who are part of this beautiful world, where everyone loves nature and animals. All this is closely linked to the unbreakable commitment to sustainability that our company has been having for so many years. These are core values both in our business and in our everyday lives, and the reason to raise a glass is not to win but to be part of it. ARC is a great organisation to which we have dedicated all our efforts, realising two great projects: Bottega Terrazza Bar and Restaurant & Bottega Garden Bar. We are confident that they will be a success.”

The Prosecco Bar format was launched in 2014 on board Viking Group’s Cinderella ship, which operates on the Baltic Sea. Over the years it has been introduced at the international airports of Rome Fiumicino, Dubai, Birmingham, Bologna and the two Bulgarian airports of Burgas and Varna, in Guernsey (Channel Islands) on the terrace of the Slaughterhouse, inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Muscat in Oman, in the Seychelles Islands on the beach of the Hilton Labriz Hotel (Silhouette Island), inside the Birmingham Arena, in the centre of the British city, in Tokyo on the terrace of the Anchor Gate Hotel and, with a different formula, in the arrivals area of Malpensa Airport (Milan) and at Belluno station.

“Prosecco Bar” is a concept created by Bottega with the aim of exalting the excellence of our country and gratifying the palate of the consumer. Specifically, the philosophy of the Venetian bacaro is re-proposed, that is, an informal osteria, where food is presented both as ‘cicheti’, that are a particular kind of appetizers to be eaten at the counter, and as more structured dishes to be served at tables. The matching with Prosecco, favoured for its versatility, and other Italian wines closes the circle and contributes to making every short or long moment spent in a bacaro a pleasant experience that enriches the spirit and refreshes the soul.

Bottega Prosecco Bar is therefore an evolution of this philosophy which, extrapolated from the Venetian reality, can be reproduced all over the world. The project’s mainstay is the “Perfect Match”, i.e. the ideal combination of typical food from Italian regional cuisines and the various wines offered by Bottega. This is not a selection of starred recipes that are difficult to reproduce, but a homogeneous ensemble of traditional dishes, able to give great satisfaction to palates of all latitudes. The wide range of wines, including Prosecco, sparkling wines made from the finest grape varieties, prestigious reds (Amarone, Brunello di Montalcino, Ripasso, Bolgheri), dessert wines, a selection of white and barrique grappas, together with a wide range of fruit and cream liqueurs, make Bottega a leading player in the beverage industry and a solid partner that is appreciated for its ability to offer different products with consistently high quality standards.

Featured photo: Bottega Prosecco Bar at Bath

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