11th April 2014

brimoncourt champagne

A champagne house is born! In September 2013, Brimoncourt makes its debut in the big league with its first cuvée, « Brut Régence », after four years of preparation. Alexandre Cornot and Arnaud Dupuis-Testenoire brought together their passion for wine, their love for the Champagne region, their entrepreneurial spirit and the pinch of madness needed to embark on this epic adventure.


A free spirit

Impertinence, lightness and elegance make for the Brimoncourt spirit aimed for a young, urban, smart and trendy audience.
Originally, champagne is a festive wine, a wine to share and enjoy together… Brimoncourt reclaims these values with the aim to build the foundations for a new house.

Quality champagne
Quality, boldness and lightness are the chore ingredients of the decisively “very good” wines they wanted to produce. The elaboration requires taking risks; the result keeps its promise: “Brut Régence” is spontaneous, gallant and airy. This light wine offers the perfect freshness for a shared moment.

Stylish details
– A first: the cap is black with a crimson red lining, just like some famous heels… How stylish!
– A giraffe: the gift box of the Brut Régence cuvee reflects an ambitious vision – the design conveys the high standards of the wine’s elaboration – and it forms a quirky and metaphorical riddle.
– Unique settings: the Brimoncourt House is located in Aÿ, at the historical heart of the vineyard

Brimoncourt : Birth record
Launch: September 2013
A founder: Alexandre Cornot
A website:
Signature: Chardonnay, finesse and elegance
Values: lightness, sharing and independance
A stylish and elegant detail: a black cap with a crimson red lining

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