British bars told to stop selling Prosecco on tap

8th January 2015

British bars told to stop selling Prosecco on tap

A group of Prosecco winemakers have threatened legal action again UK bars for selling the Italian fizz on tap.

UK pubs could potentially face 20,000 euros in fines if they don’t stop selling Prosecco from kegs. The Italian group, backed by the government in Rome, claim it is not only illegal but it is a dishonour to the wine; that it is “no longer prosecco” if not served directly from the bottle.

As Prosecco has become a large market in the UK, this could be a big issue – many British consumers only want to order a single glass, rather than a whole bottle, so it will be making the Italian wine less accessible.

However, Prosecco is intended to be stored in a bottle and not a cask, so can it be “true” Prosecco this way? The group of Italian winemakers want to protect their brand which they are fiercly proud of.

What are your thoughts on the issue?

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