British-Owned Champagne Piaff the Toast of New York Champagne Week

18th November 2016


Now’s the time to invest in the Champagne House making waves across the pond

A new Champagne House – Champagne PIAFF – was the toast of last week’s New York Champagne Week, proudly standing alongside other major houses, representing the best that Champagne has to offer.

On the back of its successful introduction to Champagne fans, the British-owned Champagne House is now experiencing an unprecedented response to its invitation to potential investors to participate in the Champagne House’s exciting journey.

At New York Champagne Week Champagne PIAFF was the name on everyone’s lips, having been enjoyed by a wide cross-section of New York Champagne lovers, Sommeliers and wine buffs.

Lizette Rodriguez from AOL said: “This is best Rosé champagne I’ve ever had. I love the berries in it, and it is not too sweet or too dry. I can’t wait to be able to get it next year.”

Supporting this view, Michael Kempster, the manager from Boqueria Upper East Side, said: “The white shows a richness and elegance that would usually require almost a decade of aging, a complete and welcome surprise.”

Keith Beavers, wine educator and editor at added: “The key to the structure of the Champagne PIAFF Rosé and Brut is that Pinot Meunier really creates the framework for the blends, which bring immediate bright and aromatic notes to the wines. The richness of Chardonnay and Pinot’s strength round the wines out. The Brut’s freshness comes through in spades with its strawberry fruits and vanilla hints, while the Rosé tasting notes shine through with depth by the grip of its mouthfeel.”

Founder of New York Champagne Week, Blaine Ashley, said: “Champagne PIAFF encapsulates just the spirit we aim for at New York Champagne Week – fun, approachable and accessible. But more that that, it’s a very high quality and delicious Champagne. We had incredibly good feedback from some of the city’s biggest Champagne lovers.”

On the back of this success, Champagne PIAFF is now advising potential investors that the window for investment is closing and they should act now to avoid disappointment.

There are two weeks left in which investors and Champagne fans can invest in PIAFF Group Holdings Ltd. – a UK-based group – via Investors get bonds giving a good return, convertible into equity in the Champagne House, complete with access to the 17th century chateau, a yearly supply of PIAFF and a host of exclusive investor privileges.

Champagne PIAFF is the brainchild of Laurie Kempster, a South African forensic accountant and winemaker. After partnering with a fifth-generation Champagne-producing family, the Mansards, he created, registered and packaged Champagne PIAFF, and developed a unique business model he and his founding partners believe will facilitate the development of PIAFF into a top ten Champagne House within a decade.

Champagne PIAFF’s business model is unique in that it allows the Champagne House to connect directly with its customers, while the PIAFF community around the world will have a personalised link with the Champagne House using technology. A direct-to-consumer chain will allow a ‘one-tap’ order and delivery system directly through an app. Most bottles will be sold in advance before they leave the cellar, using modern rewards-based crowdfunding methods and through memberships.

The unique approach, which founders believe will set it apart from other Champagne Houses, is backed up by Stan Parrish, the Editor of the Wall Street Journal who said: “A members-only Champagne? I’ve never heard of this sort of approach in all my years in F&B reporting. I’m intrigued.”

The emergence of a new French Champagne House is rare due to the traditionally high cost of entry to the business and the strict oversight by Le Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (CIVC), ensuring quality and appropriate volumes in order to maintain and further develop the category’s value and cachet.

Chairman and one of the founding investors, Graham Warsop, a Brit, explains further: “Opportunities in the champagne market do not come round often – and this is unlikely to happen again in our lifetimes. This is a rare opportunity to invest directly in a Champagne House, rather than in a larger holding company. Not only is there enormous potential for investment growth, but the chance to be part of champagne history”.

Champagne PIAFF was first introduced at New York Champagne Week in 2015 and was lauded then as “The Champagne House of the Digital Age”. It has been listed in the weekly Glass Of Bubbly Top 100 Influencer Champagne Brands leaderboard throughout 2016, most often in the top ten, despite only having been tested in major markets until now.

Champagne PIAFF will be actively marketing its Partenaire programme and driving membership via the new app in 2017.

Further information about the brand can be found at

Further details on the investment opportunities can be found in the Invitation Document, which can be downloaded here: The investment opportunity is open until 30 November 2016.

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