Broken Bones Cocktail by Angelo Lo Greco

18th October 2023

Broken Bones Cocktail by Angelo Lo Greco

Working alongside Angelo Lo Greco, Bar Manager at the Stables Bar at Milestone Hotel (Red Carnation Group) and creator of this Broken Bones Cocktail, along with Borken Clock Vodka and Bradstock Estate, we’re sharing a Halloween Fizz Cocktail for you to make this Spooky October.

Cocktail name: Broken Bones


40ml Olive Oil washed Broken Clock Vodka
10ml Mezcal
5ml Frangelico
20ml Black Sesame Water
Top-up English Sparkling Wine from Bradstock Estate

How To Make Black Sesame Water: Mix 100g of black sesame in 500g of water, bring it to boiling point and let cool down.

Garnish: Black Sesame cracker

Method: Build over ice

Glass: Flute

You can discover how a real broken clock served as the inspiration behind Borken Clock Vodka, some more of their cocktails and to buy a bottle of your own to experience the lasting of time.

Oliver Walkey

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