Bubbledogs, Champagne & Hot Dog bar in Fitzrovia

13th March 2015


How about trying something a little different to go with your Champagne? This is a Champagne bar that does not serve caviar! Instead, at bubbledogs you can sink your teeth into gourmet hotdogs accompanied by a glass of fantastic grower Champagne – an unsurprisingly delicious combination.

There are a variety of hot dogs available including pork, beef (all 100% British) and vegetarian, with a list of toppings such as macaroni cheese, beef chilli, cheese, bacon and more.

To go with your food, bubbledogs offers a large wine menu. Bubbledogs is a big supporter of grower Champagnes, so by drinking here you will also be supporting the smaller Champagne houses:

“All of our Champagnes are made by hardworking farmers that tend to their own vines and lovingly craft their own Champagnes. These smaller Champagne houses have very little to compete with the Grande Marques.”

Their Champagne menu is well designed to help you choose the style of Champagne you want with headings such as “Toasty and nutty delights” and “So fresh and so clean.” All are available by the bottle or glass.

Bubbledogs is located in Fitzrovia London. We highly recommend trying it out and meeting the friendly team!

70 Charlotte St, London W1T 4QG


Glass of Bubbly

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