Bubbleigh – New Name for English Sparkling Wine?

6th January 2016

Bubbleigh - New Name for English Sparkling Wine?

There are often calls for a name to cover English sparkling wine as a whole and whether it is needed or not.

A new Twitter account has started that says that Bubbleigh is the new name for English Sparkling Wine. Bubbleigh means delicate bubbles, from: Bubb as in bubbles and leigh,meaning delicate. ‘For exclusive use on PDO approved English Sparkling.’


English Sparkling Wine is legally protected and is rapidly gaining popularity with big increases in sales reported and more and more winning awards. English sparkling wine looks set to get bigger and bigger and even Taittinger have invested in land to produce English sparkling wine.

So is a ‘catchy’ name really needed or is English sparkling wine already making a name for itself?


Glass of Bubbly

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