Burger and Fries with Champagne Please!

29th December 2017


What’s for dinner tonight?

“Burger and chips…. ”


“Homemade burger and chips that is!”

Ah! Let me find a Champagne to go with that then…

I certainly don’t mind this style of dinner in our household, a chance to get the fingers greasy and pretend that we can cook a homemade burger as good as Gordon Ramsay can and the chance also to look through the selection of Champagne samples we have been sent to pick out the perfect partner for this dish.

We recently were sent samples from the Champagne producer Dom Caudron of which we recently used one with our cheese and sparkling wine tasting event in London.

I decided to go with the Champagne Dom Caudron and their Prediction ‘LE MEUNIER AU SINGULIER‘ label as I was hoping that the 100% Meunier would pack a powerful punch and pair well with the meaty and sauced flavours of the grilled burger.

The Dom Caudron Champagne really packs a punch full of flavours both fruits expressed and a kick of dryness with chalky notes. It paired well with the grilled burger and brioche bun plus the added tomato relish sauce, making the taste smooth and refreshing the mouth that tempts you into another bite of the burger.

The Prediction from Dom Caudron is a Champagne that really expresses itself with a powerful aroma and tasting experience thanks to the 100% Meunier. A yellow stone fruit, lemon zest, chalky taste that really puts the wine into a Gastronomic category to pair well with full flavoured foods.” Christopher Walkey.

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.