C’Alice New Italian Wine Bar in London

2nd June 2016

C’Alice New Italian Wine Bar in London

A new Italian restaurant and wine bar called C’Alice is set to open on Munster Road in Fulham next month.

Owned by husband and wife Giovanni Di Stefano and Alice Ravelli, C’Alice (from the Italian word for ‘Chalice’ and Alice’s name) will serve authentic Italian dishes from around the north and south of Italy.

Chef Carla Murgioni has designed a beautiful menu with delights including risotto, pan-fried scallops, roasted salmon, and tiramisu.

There will be an extensive selection of wine, including Prosecco and bubbly cocktails.

Their tagline is ‘wine. food. talk’ as they encourage customers to pair wines with food and learn more through tasting sessions held at the venue.


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