Canadian Winery launches Sparkling Wine in a Can

28th January 2016

Canadian Winery launches Sparkling Wine in a Can

Sparkling wine in a can sounds like madness, but a Canadian winery based in Niagara-on-the-Lake has managed to pull it off.

Between The Lines winery is run by brothers Greg and Yannick Wertsch. Passed down from the family, the brothers have worked hard to create a successful winery from their vineyard, producing wines with a heavy emphasis on cold climates.

The Wertsch brothers wanted to create new ways to enjoy wine, so they created sparkling wine in a can.

Called ‘Origin Sparkling Wine’, it aims to offer bubbly-lovers the option to buy just a small amount of wine – 8.5 ounces – without having to get a whole bottle every time.

At first appearance the gold and white can somewhat resembles an energy drink, but it’s far from it – inside it holds quality sparkling wine. The can keeps the wine fresh and bubbles intact.

The wine has apparently had a good reception from the local area.

Tasting Notes:

“Origin is an aromatic sparkling wine crafted with a kiss of Vidal Icewine. Pale gold with aromas of bright stone fruit and citrus, a crisp acidity runs across the palate to give a lingering and refreshing finish.

A fine balance of sweetness and perlage, the mouth feel is savoury, soft, and smooth. Tickling the palate with a sweet effervescence of peach, apricot, and honey and a clean citrus finish.”

Their wines aren’t available in shops, you can get them direct at the winery or by delivery.


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