Cantinium Launches Innovative Platform Redefining Italian Fine Wine Experience

19th January 2024


In a bid to lead customers to the discovery of fine wines, Cantinium, the pioneering Italian startup, has unveiled its groundbreaking platform dedicated to the preservation and tracking of exceptional Italian wines. The company, founded in 2021 by Giuseppe Scampa, Emanuel Scampa, and Mirko Marino, alongside the renowned wine expert Christian Roger, is revolutionizing the wine sector with its unique approach to ensuring the authenticity and optimal preservation of fine wines.

Cantium aims to elevate the appreciation of Italian fine and rare wines by guiding customers towards the discovery of rare and valuable products. The innovative platform introduces new purchasing and bottle storage experiences through the creation of NFTs based on the best Italian wines. These NFTs serve as digital certificates, certifying and guaranteeing the entire supply chain from producer to consumer.

The Challenges in the Wine Sector

One of the primary challenges in the wine sector, according to Mirko Marino, co-founder of Cantinium, is the loss of product traceability from the production cellar to the final consumer. This lack of traceability compromises the assurance that the refinement, a crucial set of phenomena occurring during the aging of the wine, has been carried out correctly.

Preserving the Elegance of Great Wines

Cantinium addresses this challenge by purchasing exceptional Italian wines directly from the producers and preserving the bottles under optimal conditions. Giuseppe Scampa, the administrator and co-founder of Cantinium, underscores the philosophy that great wines are masterpieces and need time to reach their fullest expression. The storage of the bottles plays a crucial role in this process. Inadequate storage can alter the quality of the wine and prevent its optimal evolution. The startup is committed to ensuring that each bottle of wine is stored under the most ideal conditions, thus allowing the wine to evolve and mature as it should.

State-of-the-Art Aging Cellar and Blockchain Technology

To achieve its goals, Cantinium has developed a state-of-the-art aging cellar equipped with IoT devices that monitor environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, and brightness. The collected data are authenticated and recorded on the Polygon blockchain, providing a digital guarantee certificate. This certificate is then transformed into an NFT, ensuring maximum traceability, authenticity, and uniqueness for each wine.

Emanuel Scampa, co-founder of Cantinium, highlights the benefits of this innovative solution, stating “Our solution guarantees consumers the ability to purchase high-quality wines, knowing that they
have been properly aged and preserved. Each bottle has a traceable history, from the producer’s cellar to delivery to the consumer’s home.”

Collaboration with Italian Wineries and Commitment to Sustainability

Cantinium actively collaborates with many of the most prestigious Italian wineries, promoting wine culture. Cantinium purchases fine wines directly and exclusively from the producers, and stores them in a controlled environment for optimal preservation. This approach significantly reduces issues related to premature opening of bottles, inadequate storage, and more generally, the lack of traceability.

Consumers then have the opportunity to purchase these fine wines from Cantinium, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the wine they acquire. As a Benefit Corporation, Cantinium is committed to promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability within the Italian wine sector. In line with their commitment, Cantinium has made its 2022 sustainability report available on their website. Interested individuals can browse and download the report at

An Innovative Wine Experience

With Cantinium at the forefront, the world of great Italian wines is poised to welcome an innovative wine experience marked by transparency, authenticity, and genuine appreciation of flavors. The startup’s dedication to preserving and showcasing the excellence of Italian wines positions it as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of wine appreciation.

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