Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco DOC

11th March 2014

Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco DOC

Established in 1868, Carpene Malvolti is one of the most prestigious wineries in Veneto. Carpenè Malvolti was  the first company to submit quality Prosecco to the sparkling process and a brand that is a leader in this field both in Italy and abroad.

Carpenè Malvolti Prosecco DOC is produced from selected grapes and through a careful processing in a company with over 145 years experience.

Prosecco Treviso DOC Spumante is produced with Glera grapes through the Charmant method.

Prosecco Frizzante is a lightly sparkling, delicate aperitif wine. Made with the aromatic Prosecco grape, this bubbly is packed full of delicate apple and white flower aromas, with a light-bodied palate.

Glass of Bubbly

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