Catching a Champagne’s Sparkle in Monte Carlo

26th May 2022

Stefania Monte Carlo

This is a story of intriguing suspense merged with mystery, set in the incredible French Riviera. Be prepared for a rollercoaster race up and down winding roads looking for an eye-catching treasure.
But, before setting off on this incredible adventure, be aware of the risks you might face and fasten your seat belt; there is no coming back…so ready? 3,2,1…let’s gooo!

We have just left the Italian border and we glimpse a road sign indicating that Monaco is 26 km away; a few kilometres more and expect to find glamour, luxurious yachts, fabulous resorts, an international ambience, exquisite elegance and an ideal film set, all in one place: welcome to Monte Carlo! The city of the Principality of Monaco, a diamond set among the rocks.

It has been said that right here, there is a treasure that shines like no other thing on earth: it’s precious and painted gold and it gives euphoria to those who find it. But where? We have no directions. We daydream for a while, when all of sudden I can hear the distinctive roar of F1 cars warming their engines to be ready to ignite the streets of Monte Carlo at high speed. It’s a track! Let’s kick off our treasure hunt following F1 cars in an exciting race, starting from Sainte Dévote chapel toward a road up to Beau Rivage and then we turn left toward the Casino stop. Oh, what a magnificent palace with astonishing gardens! Certainly, it is a symbol of Monte Carlo and a remarkable spot for cinematographic sets of the past, as well as nowadays.

And it’s just at this point that we have to shuffle the cards and jump into an old car to go back to the ’50s …allez, allez, on n’a pas le temps à perdre…and here we are in the year 1955, with luxury hotels, charming ladies with fancy hats, businessmen, refined restaurants serving fine food and wine in front of a blue sea and a treasure yet to be found.

We almost expect to run into great movie stars such as Grace Kelly and Cary Grant for a breath-taking car chase on the narrow roads of Monaco’s hills, enjoying a fascinating upper sight of the French Riviera.
In no time, we are catapulted into the middle of the ‘To Catch a Thief’ film set, driving very fast close to ravines on the trail of John Robie, the Cat, who is apparently still on the prowl. I’m wondering if he’ll help us to find Monte Carlo’s treasure or if he’ll be deceptive and our plans will go up in smoke. We can’t decide what to do; we are in two minds.

But it is at this time that I hear a crackling of fireworks coming from the coastline painting the sky with multiple colours and a floodlight illuminating a roundish object; this is it! It’s Monte Carlo’s treasure, a prestigious golden Champagne with lively bubbles that sparkle like diamonds. We have finally found it!

Mesdames et Messieurs, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Champagne Royal Riviera which will take you to the precious world of the French Riviera lifestyle at first sip, with its shining gold colour and captivating flavours.

Champagne Rosé de Saignée Vallée de la Marne
50% Pinot Noir, 40% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Meunier

With over 100 years of generational experience, the Chef de Cave has created a blend that is uniquely balanced to convey quality with a touch of intriguing complexity. This wine is characterised by an amazing gold colour with a fine mousse. It opens with fruity aromas such as apricot, peach, citrus and wild yellow flowers, embellished by hints of butter croissant and yeast. It’s refined with pleasant notes of brioche and minerals on the palate.

Will Monaco’s waves one day carry a bottle of Champagne Royal Riviera to you, my dear fizz lover, or did you love this story so much that you are eager to experience the wonders of Monte Carlo and its timeless glamour in person?

I’m sure that whatever your choice might be, you’ll be captivated by the eternal splendour of its coast and dreamy blue sea while enjoying its iconic Champagne for a sparkling romance that will dazzle your eyes.

With glamour,

Stefania Ruffo


Photo credits: Tania Volobueva

Monte Carlo Casino photo:

Hat courtesy of Mayroway Beachwear brand:


Stefania Ruffo

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