Cava to take on Champagne

14th August 2015

Cava to take on Champagne

Exports of Cava soared from just 10 million bottles in 1980 to 154.7 million bottles in 2014.

This is the 6th consecutive year that foreign sales of the drink exceeded those of Champagne. In 2014 France exported 144.9 million bottles of Champagne.

Cava, whose name is derived for the Catalan word for cellar is seen as a cheap end sparkling wine. Of all the bottles exported last year, only eight million were high end reserve Cavas that producers now want to develop.

Winegrowers are looking to increase the sales and marketing of high end Cava to compete against Champagne, by promoting the quality versus the lower price point.

“Cava still has some way to go to improve its image in the high-end,” said Pedro Bonet, communications director at Freixenet, the world leader in sparkling wines.

Japan is the 5th biggest importer of Cava but when it comes to high-end Cava it’s the second biggest importer.



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