Celebrate The Holidays With Your Best!

7th November 2019

Tips to Impress your Guests with Bubbly this Christmas & New Year

Use Our Holiday Ideas

One of the most important times of the year is almost here! Here is your chance to touch the hearts and spirits of the ones you love in a way that can last forever. Demonstrating good Christmas habits on an inspirational level may be complicated for most people. Do not worry. We’ve thought of some of the most unique and effective ways to fill people’s hearts, minds, and stomachs with holiday blessings.

Introduce Good Habits

Not all gifts need to be underneath the tree. Anyone can enjoy a delicious drink that allows everyone to delve into the sweetness of Christmas. Use your sweet tooth to make the perfect seasonal concoction that includes healthy ingredients like wholesome strawberry syrup, fresh fruits, and candy canes. A Strawberry Bisou Twist may be just what your entourage needs to get their sweet tooth tamed.

Strawberry Bisou Twist


  • Monin Strawberry Syrup
  • Pineapple Chunks
  • Water
  • Lemon Juice
  • Fruit-flavored candy cane


Make this drink to satisfy your need for a twist to taste. This drink is easy to make. All you need is an accurate taste for sweet perfection and a few ingredients. Add the amount of water that you would like according to your desired serving size. Then, you can add enough sugar to give it a subtle sweet taste. Do not add too much sugar. Your fruits and syrup will contribute to the taste. Add lemon juice so that citric acid can give it a tangy taste that allows nutrients to be absorbed. Add pineapple chunks and any other colorful fruits to give it a festive look. Pour in the strawberry syrup and stir so that the red color can be distributed evenly. You can even add the syrup into individual glasses to coat the bottom with a floating red cover. Add the fruity candy cane, and the Bisou Twist is complete.

Be Fancy and Dancy

Everyone loves the look of luxury when it comes to their holiday season. This look may take lots of work but our simple DIY can give you the gourmet taste that you desire without a hassle. Special cheese and a glass of bubbly goes a long way. Festive champagnes and sparkling wines can be wonderful decorations while lightening the mood. Pair your drinks with cocktail cheeses and you’re all set. You and your guests will be able to eat and drink with etiquette while keeping a smile on your faces.

Play Holiday Games

All of these wonderful drinks and healthy snacks will help to warm you up for your first round of holiday games. This is a wonderful way to start a family discussion with relatable topics that you can utilize to bond with your family and friends even more.

Christmas Movie Trivia

Give everyone a chance to show off their inner actor with the Christmas movie trivia. Enjoy laughing while you recall some of the best moments from your favorite scenes that hold moral value and traditional knowledge for everyone to appreciate. This is also a good opportunity to add wonderful prizes that will leave room for continuous conversations that encourage your family to keep-in-touch.

Finish the Christmas Carol

Sip your cocktails while you practice your vocal range to recite your favorite Christmas carols. This can be done with a karaoke machine or a loud mouth and an immature stage. Family members of all ages can laugh and clap together as you enjoy hearing the voices that you rarely use.

Decorate For Christmas Cheer

Haven’t you heard that walls can talk during the holidays? Well, it’s time for you to try it out. Hanging up positive Christmas words and other expressive Christmas embellishments can help you establish the amount of excitement and comfort that is needed to have a good time. You can add traditional, stockings, candy canes, and other unique pieces to create quality vibes for your Christmas venue.

Enjoy Your Creation

We know that you will have a blast. Your guests will appreciate your effort and creativity. Who knows? You may be asked to host even more holiday gatherings!

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