Celebrate with Crémant

13th April 2014

Celebrate with Crémant

I’m trying to work out what we’re celebrating this week.  This is our first bubbly of the year, so there’s got to be some kind of celebration happening surely?  Well Ant and I did actually meet in person last week, and spent some good time chatting about all things wine.  That’s worth celebrating, right?

First thing’s first: Crémant is NOT champagne.  It is however made using the traditional method.  It’s roughly (very roughly) the standard for sparkling wine in the rest of France.  It’s more about the method used to make it rather than the grape, although the different grapes give the different characters across the country.

There’s Crémant de Loire (made with chenin blanc usually), there’s Crémant de Bourgogne (usually aligoté or chardonnay), and so on across the regions.

The reason I’ve not specified a region in the post is because UK shops are usually pretty obsessed with champagne, cava, and prosecco.  Crémant rarely gets a look in.  So this week it’ll be down to the local specialist wine shop I’m afraid.  If they’re any good at all, they’ll have one from at least one region of France.  Just grab it and drink it.

My picks for this week are…

Majestic Wine
Bouvet Ladubay Saumur NV, France

Charles de Fere, Crémant de Bourgogne

Spirited Wines
De Chanceny, Crémant de Loire Brut

Find something to celebrate this week and get the bubbles on the go!

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