Celebrity Interview: Joe Stilgoe

17th July 2015

Celebrity Interview: Joe Stilgoe

Joe Stilgoe is an internationally acclaimed singer, pianist, jazz musician and songwriter with a rich musical heritage. He is the son of lyricist and entertainer Sir Richard Stilgoe and opera singer Annabel Hunt. His live shows are a mixture of virtuosic musicianship, breathtaking theatricality and witty interaction with the audience. Joe Stilgoe’s album ‘ New Songs For Old Souls’ is released April 27th on Linn Records.

He will be appearing in Kevin Spacey’s High Society at the Old Vic. (April 30th –August 22nd)

Glass of Bubbly Interview

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever enjoyed a Glass of Bubbly?
The most memorable glass I’ve had was half way up the Eiffel Tower just after my wife and I got engaged (in the back of a 1950s Citroen on the way there).

Which is your favourite Champagne/Sparkling wine?
My favourite Champagne is Taittinger. For sparkling wine, I love drinking Prosecco from the tap in Northern Italy. Well, not from the tap, from a glass, from the tap.

What does Champagne mean to you?
A: Success
B: Celebration
C: Romance
D: Enjoying great company
Champagne is a combination of celebration and enjoying great company – fun to drink on your own, and absolutely best when celebrating with great friends and music (obviously my album goes very well with it).


Glass of Bubbly

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