Celebrity Interview: Kevin Nolan & James Collins

22nd October 2014

Celebrity Interview: Kevin Nolan & James Collins

West Ham players have joined forces with England head chef Tim De’Ath to run the 59 New Street Wine Bar and Restaurant.

59 New Street is situated in the original 1920’s Essex Police Station building just off the High Street in Chelmsford, Essex, England.

Glass of Bubbly Interview

Who’s behind 59 New Street?

Tim De’Ath – England FA Head Chef
Any Carroll – England and West Ham striker
Joe Cole – England and West Ham midfielder
Kevin Nolan – Captain of West Ham midfielder
Mark Noble – West Ham midfielder
James Collins – Wales and West Ham defender
Joey O’Brien – Republic of Ireland and West Ham defender

What’s your favourite Glass of Bubbly?

Kevin Nolan – Laurent-Perrier Rosé
James Collins – Laurent-Perrier Rosé

What’s the best thing you’ve celebrated with Champagne in football?

Kevin Nolan – Promotion to the Premiership
James Collins – Reaching an FA Cup semi final


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