Celebrity Interview: Kirsty Henshaw

4th December 2014

Celebrity Interview: Kirsty Henshaw

Kirsty Henshaw captivated the British public in July 2010 when she made a perfect pitch on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den. A single mum in her early 20s, Kirsty had developed a range of frozen desserts that were suitable for people with intolerance to dairy products like her son Jacob.

Kirsty came away from Dragons’ Den with a significant joint investment from Duncan Bannatyne and Peter Jones. This enabled her to significantly increase the production and distribution of her frozen desserts which were sold under the Worthenshaws brand name.

After extensive market research it became clear that whilst the Worthenshaw brand was popular, people identified more closely with Kirsty, the busy young entrepreneurial mum, than they did Worthenshaws. So when Kirsty diversified into chilled ready meals, the decision was taken to brand them as Kirsty’s.

On the rare occasions when Kirsty is not working, she loves to spend time with her son Jacob, going to the gym and chilling out with close friends and family. Kirsty is also a self-confessed Twitter addict.

Glass of Bubbly Interview

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever enjoyed a Glass Of Bubbly?
The most idyllic place I’ve visited – Clearwater Beach in Florida last year.

Have you ever tried English Sparkling wine?
I don’t think I’ve ever tried it, but I have tried a lot of wine so I could have!

What does Champagne mean to you?
A: Success
B: Celebration
C: Romance
D: Enjoying great company
Champagne usually means enjoying great company, as all my friends and my boyfriend love it too.


Glass of Bubbly

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