Celebrity Interview: Kris Kampen

19th January 2016

Celebrity Interview: Kris Kampen

6 Goal Professional Polo Player

Of course we could state the obvious and say at 6’5” and of the “ginger” variety you know when you have met Kris, but that would be far too obvious, as this is a member of the polo community you will not forget in a hurry and a real “fan favourite”.

Originally from Tampa, Florida and turned professional at 15 he is also based in Wellington, Palm Beach and is known for his flat out playing style, not to mention his distinctive voice and unique commentary from inside the field, but don’t be fooled he has many of the game’s top trophies under his belt. He has his own polo facility including its own field, ample stabling and ponies ready to go. He is brand ambassador to the US man’s clothing brand Psycho Bunny and will be spending the summer playing in the Hamptons in Upstate New York.
Kris & Ali Kampsen
Here is what he had to say re our Champagne questions:

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever enjoyed a Glass of Bubbly?
At the Champagne toast during my wedding.

Which is your favourite Champagne or sparkling wine?
I don’t have a favourite, I enjoy them all.

What does Champagne mean to you?
A: Success
B: Celebration
C: Romance
D: Enjoying great company

Interview by Natascha Baecher

Photo credit: Alex Pacheco, www.7chukkerpolo.com

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