Celebrity Interview: Mark Baumann

24th October 2014

Celebrity Interview: Mark Baumann

Master Chef of Great Britain, Michelin trained in France. Mark is also an author and does part-time TV and radio. He has owned Baumanns Brasserie in Coggeshall, Essex since 1988 after opening it with Peter Langan of Langans Brasserie fame. He is opening 2 new venues this year – steak lobster luxe lounge with a further 13 planned.

Glass of Bubbly Interview

Which sparkling wine / Champagne is served and which is the most popular at Baumanns Brasserie?
Blanc de Blanc Duc de Breux
Prosseco di Valdobbiande extra dry
Champagne Testulat Rosé
Champagne Testulat Carte d’Or
Bollinger Special Cuvée
Laurent-Perrier Rosé – This is the most popular – particularly in the summer.
Dom Perignon 2003

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve had a Glass of Bubbly?
Hanging fine art in my brasserie and drinking too much with the late Peter Langan

Have you ever tried English sparkling wine?
Yes of course! And my cousin makes the most wonderful one! Albury Estate sparkling from his vineyard in Surrey.

What does Champagne mean to you?
A: Success
B: Celebration
C: Romance
D: Enjoying great company

Tricky one – as clearly all apply. I compare Champagne to a beautiful woman sparkly, sophisticated and elegant so I guess it has to be romance then!


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