Celebrity Interview: Tom Morley

16th February 2016

Celebrity Interview: Tom Morley

6 Goal Professional Polo Player

Tom is one of the king pins of the present England polo squad having already represented his country on several occasions. A Cowdray player through and through. His father David is an integral part of the UK polo establishment and trainer both of players and ponies.

An excellent player and person known in particular for his quality horses and consistency on the field. This year he played in the Gold Cup as part of the Apes Hill team. He has been supported greatly by the Arber family at Four Quarters in particular. When not in the UK he can be found in New Zealand during the winter months.

Photo credit: Clive Bennett www.polopictures.co.uk

Photo credit: Clive Bennett www.polopictures.co.uk

Where’s the most memorable place you’ve ever enjoyed a Glass of Bubbly?
In the presidential suite of the Ritz Carlton hotel, Singapore.

Which is your favourite Champagne or sparkling wine?
Don’t have one, I like them all.

What does Champagne mean to you?
A: Success
B: Celebration
C: Romance
D: Enjoying great company

All of the above!

Interview by Natascha Baecher


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