Cellar Maison

20th September 2015

Cellar Maison

Cellar Maison are creators of unique wine cellar solutions for your home. Our cellars are made to enjoy the art of wine collecting and to compliment the pleasures of wine and food.

With our three signature cellar solutions – Wine Cellars, Wine Pods and Wine Walls, we offer the choice you need to create exactly what you want, where you want it, within your home. This includes having your cellar positioned either above or below ground – Perfect for any modern or traditional living space. All Cellar Maison designs are temperature and humidity controlled to ensure your collection is safely stored as well as beautifully displayed.

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Once you’ve browsed our gallery, you may like to try our Online Design Planner – A unique tool for planning your wine cellar style and dimensions. The Cellar Maison team of professional consultants are always on hand to discuss and then bring your visions to life.


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