Chadsey’s Cairns Canadian Sparkling Wines

6th August 2016

Chadsey's Cairns Canadian Sparkling Wines

Chadsey’s Cairns Winery is in Wellington, Ontario and is run by winemakers Vida Zalnieriunas and Dave Frederick and grape grower Richard Johnson.

Particular highlights from Chadsey’s range are Power Take Off (aka the PTO) a charmat sparkling with Gamay and St. Laurent and a little Chenin Blanc and Rosessence, a charmat sparkling rosé made from Riesling and Gamay, both priced at $24.20.  The winery plans to release its second vintage, Darkling Sparkling, a traditional method red sparkling wine in 2017.

The winery is stepped in history.  One of the original Prince Edward County wineries, it is named after an early settler, Ira Chadsey, who built its 14 distinctive six-foot cairns, and its tasting room is a historic apple house from the 1850s.  There is also a five-bedroom period farmhouse on site for vacation lets.

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