Challenge International du Vin 2016

12th April 2016

Challenge International du Vin 2016

The 40th anniversary of the ‘Challenge International du Vin‘ took place in Bordeaux on 1st/2nd April 2016 with Croatia being the chosen guest of honour. France’s largest international wine competition has some very impressive stats for those of you who are unfamiliar with this event including the 5,000 participants, 35 countries being represented and an incredible 400,000,000 bottles produced by participating wineries.

Glass of Bubbly were very pleased to be invited guests to this event and experienced first hand the depth of organisation behind this wine competition and the way in which it brings together wine professionals from across the globe to it’s prestigious challenge (France’s first international competition). Some well known faces from the world of wine were there including the respected local Count John Umberto Salvi and Jim McMahon from Australia.

challenge international du vin

Wines and wine based spirits are tasted in optimal conditions in professional closed off rooms under close supervision of competition commissioners. Bottles are shrink wrapped with unmarked corks assuring the anonymity of each bottle being tasted.

challenge international du vin judges


Each of the wining wineries have their very own bronze, silver and gold badges to place of their bottles, they receive certificates and a mention on the website of Challenge International du Vin.

Interesting to see that some of the famous faces from around the world have entered these awards also to include Drew Barrymore, Gerard Depardieu and Zhao Wei.

The guest of honour for these awards were the wines from Croatia which we enjoyed some tasting of during our two day stay in Bordeaux.


Results from the 2016 Challenge International du Vin can be seen here.


Christopher Walkey

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