Champagne Always Talks!

6th February 2018

fizz and a bowtie

Wedding day traditions are no longer held in the esteem it once was.

The pressure to host a wedding at a local church or for the groom to wear a tie or for the happy couple to provide a smashing three course meal, are just a few examples of what used to be by obligation as opposed to what is desired.

The ‘red tape’ of doing it like this or making sure it’s like that has officially been cut and we are now witnessing distinctive delectable days that almost take us out of our own reality and throws us into the fantasy of a couples love.

Every momentous union that I have had the privilege of being a part of, that reflects the principles of the ‘new school’ (so to speak), have been incredible occasions that are heightened due to its unique essence of who the couple are and what they represent.

Gone are the days when the notice of an impending wedding immediately elicit an automatic response of joy and jubilation.

Yes, of course, you are happy that your friends or family are taking the plunge, till death do they part. However, if lucky enough to be invited, there’s nothing wrong with hoping that ‘plunging’ day is worth your while too.

As selfish as it sounds, there is a small part of you that can recall times when you have made the hour and a half drive up the M25 to a ceremony that didn’t quite cut it for you. Maybe it was the décor? Same old. The song played for the first dance? Heard it a million times. The food? I ate this last night for dinner!

So what can you rely on? What is that thing that will always remind you of where you are, regardless of how traditional or contemporary the wedding day is?

One word.

Champagne is the star on the Christmas tree, the cherry on the cake, the symbol of class and celebration.

Whether you are the biggest fan of Champagne in the world or only have a small sip on special occasions, bias is unnecessary when recognising the tone set once you walk into a reception and glimpse a crystal flute refracting the light and colours produced by a top quality vintage.

On your wedding day, you can maintain the traditional elements or you can go off script. There might be segments that your guests will recognise or some whereby they will have no clue what is going on. A song or a scripture reading may even speak volumes regarding how special the day is and what it means to you.

But, one thing that time nor humanity can taint or erase, is the poignancy of Champagne.

Because Champagne always talks.

Glass of Bubbly

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