Champagne and Excellent Food Pairings

23rd February 2021

Champagne Roger Brun La Pelle 2013 and Lobster

Champagne wines best express themselves when served chilled. Immersing a Champagne wine bottle into a bucket of ice cubes lets it chill gradually, providing the best wine. A well-chilled Champagne bottle suits all celebrations, including birthdays, wedding days, or anniversaries. This effervescent indulgence exists in different flavours, styles, and hues. Vintage Rose Champagnes offer unmatched intensity and power, while Blanc de Blancs serves well with excellent finesse and elegance. Knowing how to pair different Champagnes with your meals helps you get the most out of these delicacies.

Celebrations and Champagnes often go hand in hand. Toasting Champagne always add gloss to any special occasion, and its popularity will keep growing. Celebrating wedding anniversaries or birthdays with vintage Champagne makes a bold statement to anyone who cares to listen. Chilling your wine to a temperature of 47-500F makes it shine brightest. Serving it warmer can cause it to lose its bubble faster, while any colder may numb your taste buds.

Serve Champagne in a flute to show off its effervescence. The long and thin glass lets this wine keep its bubbles for longer. If you also want to take in the aromas, then the tulip glass will be a better option, thanks to its wider rim.

Food Pairings
Sparkling wines and food make for incredible food pairings. The wine’s sparkling bubbles deliver advanced pairing versatility that offers more room for experimentation. With its coveted acidity, Champagne adds butter-laden fare to your delicacies. Enrich your dining experience with the perfect blend of bubbles, fruity cream, and dryness.

Don’t relegate Champagne only for pre-dinner receptions. Find inspiration for different creative pairing experiments.

Rosé Champagne
In the last couple of years, Champagne lovers have worked hard to create food-friendly versions of the traditional rosé Champagne. The wine provides multiple vintage options to choose from, including Louis Roederer’s Cristal rose and the Dom Perignon. These vintage wines work best with meatier pairings. With an extra Pinot Noir as part of the ingredients, rosé Champagnes will make your beef tastier. You could also try out salmon cooked on the barbeque or a flavoured fish to match your vintage wine.

Champagne with Sea Food
Blanc de Blancs Champagnes pair best with fresh seafood platters or oysters. This wine offers new citrus spectrum flavours that blend naturally with seafood. Blanc de Blancs also serve well with lobsters, although a more vintage style will go toe-to-toe with the fuller flavour of your seafood. Try out the Brit Nature for a no-vintage classy touch to your food – the Premier Cru version can be an excellent place to begin.

Oysters and Champagne also form an iconic pairing. The wine’s smooth texture and pleasant taste combine well with the rich, salty taste of oysters. This meal and drink combination also offers excellent health benefits with low calories and fat from the oysters and excellent antioxidant properties for the Champagne.

Champagne with Cheese
Experiment with the full Pinot Noir Champagne or try out more robust flavours for your cheese. Aged Beaufort and Conte cheeses match perfectly with a vintage Blanc de noirs. If you have young, creamy camembert, a vintage Blanc de Blancs will do the trick. Champagne’s good acidity makes it easier for you to deal with the high-fat content.

Fried Chicken with Champagne
For a delicious and salient pairing, try out fried chicken and your favourite Champagne. Krug Grande Cuvee matches perfectly with pressure-fried, deep-fried, or pan-fried chicken. Enhance your delicacy with pickled peppers on your seasoned batter. This impeccable combination lets you savour the rich flavour and a melt in your mouth taste. The high-quality carbs, vitamin B6 and protein content, and low cholesterol levels make for a healthy yet tasty combination.

Final Thoughts
Champagne offers a perfect blend of vintages, terroirs, and grape varieties that make for an ideal glass complexity. Looking for something to pair with your favourite dishes? Champagne’s suite of frothy texture and nuanced aromas has got you covered. You don’t have to spend a fortune on wine to find incredible pairings. Many wines are budget-friendly, and a little spritz can bring life to your dinner or dessert table. The corresponding ingredients of potential food options are also readily available at your nearest grocery store and online. Try out these refreshing pairings.

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