Champagne and Food pairing

12th December 2014

Champagne and Food pairing

The festive season is the ideal moment for drinking Champagne and exploring flavours, as traditional Christmas fare matches well with Champagne. We have asked our Head Sommelier Patrick Borras to suggest a few pairings for Yule Log, a favourite Christmas treat.
“For drinking with the traditional Yule Log, I recommend a Grand Rosé by Gosset, a gourmand cuvee whose touch of red fruits marries perfectly with chocolate.”

However Champagne lovers may find the wait until Christmas rather long. That’s why we have also asked him to select traditional dishes that are enjoyed all year round and to match them with some grower Champagnes.

Let’s begin by bringing a sparkle to your Sunday lunch with the cuvee Réserve de l’Hommée from Roger Coulon. Its freshness offers a light touch, ideal for serving with your Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding.

And Patrick Borras proposes to add a touch of luxury to your Ploughman’s Lunch with the cuvee Sublime Réserve 2005 from the house of Philiponnat, whose sweetness will balance the rusticity of this dish.

And finally, surprise your guests with a dish in season, Grouse or Pheasant served with the Cuvée des Grands Vintages by Eric Rodez, whose vinosity and aromatic complexity are the perfect foil for the powerful flavours of game.

Patrick Borras is the Head Sommelier of the 3 star restaurant of Pierre Gagnaire in Paris. His collaboration with Plus de Bulles has now spanned 5 years and guarantees the quality of the champagnes proposed on our website. He writes up the tasting notes and the editorials in which you can find his recommendations for champagne/food pairings.

Shared by Nathalie Collet

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