Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writers

We want to work closely with you. When it comes to wine writing we for sure will all agree that the market is somewhat flooded and it is very hard to get your voice heard or in this case, your content read. This is most certainly the case too when it comes to social media with wine and the likes of keywords such as #Champagne or #Prosecco being over populated with content.

Glass of Bubbly, launched back in 2014, has spent nearly a decade on building fresh and original online content and in return online credibility as one of the world’s leading Champagne and sparkling wine websites with a fast growing website authority ranking of 52. With over 4,000 articles published on the website from a host of top wine authors along with a fast growing community of 50,000+ across the main social media platforms we can boast a strong additional outreach for your content should you decide to share your work with us.

On top of the website and social media channels, Glass of Bubbly also hosts London’s biggest dedicated Champagne and Sparkling Wine trade & press tasting as well as London’s Champagne and Sparkling Wine Awards since 2017.

Why should I give you my content for free? A fair question and one which is easy to answer – This is a mutual trade off where for sharing your content you get increased exposure via quality backlinking / tagging, on-page and off-page organic SEO and a chance to get your name out to a whole new community / network online – For those seeking added exposure for their clients then Glass of Bubbly offers you a great channel of communication to a target audience. What does Glass of Bubbly get from this?We must make money off the back of your content‘ surely you ask though all we are in fact seeking from this relationship is added content so to improve our position as a global Champagne and sparkling wine news and educational channel online and to add fresh and engaging content for our community to enjoy along with expanding our network of sparkling wine brands globally.

We fully understand and respect that your writing time is valuable as is your expertise and we hope that by offering a strong reach online in exchange which has likewise taken us a great deal of time to perfect, is a mutually acceptable trade off.

Are you interested in becoming part of the Glass of Bubbly community? By becoming a contributor you will also enjoy many added benefits such as the ability to target / connect with potential new clients, receive Champagne and sparkling wine samples for review and the very likely possibility of boosting your own profile. If this is of interest to you then we kindly ask you to reach out to us so to initiate a conversation so that we can start working closely together and satisfy any requirements that you might have.

From January 1st 2023 we will be open for this new journey at Glass of Bubbly – There are no restrictions on what wine region or country you wish to write about or which winery and wines you want to focus on, all we ask is the following:

  • Champagne and / or Sparkling Wine themed only: This can be wines, winery, wine regions, foods and fizz pairings, fizz cocktails, fizz venues. You can mention with link backs wineries, food suppliers, wine bodies, spirits, hospitality locations and much more.
  • Original content: We ask that what you share with us is ideally original (we understand that this can not be the case at all times especially when sharing images / videos) and that the quality of the content is of a well informed standard. Any content that is not original and is of third party then we request of you permission to use such content and we will need to credit as and where necessary.

Credit for all and any content will be credited to the author and we will set you up a writers profile on the website. Upon registering as a writer with us we will request of you a writers name, profile and image plus all and any social media usernames to facilitate tagging in for you.

Glass of Bubbly writers enjoy the likes of:

  • Opportunity to judge at the Glass of Bubbly Awards
  • Attend our annual trade and press tasting
  • Attend our private tastings held at our home of Glass of Bubbly
  • Use our photo / film studio for free
  • Request to receive sparkling wine samples / food samples / spirits
  • Network within our social media communities to grow your own network


Do you want to boost your / your client’s traffic and potential sales? Speak to Glass of Bubbly today: