Champagne André Chemin

27th April 2015

Champagne André Chemin

Champagne André Chemin is a family wine grower and Champagne producer established in Sacy since 1948.

It was in the year 1948 when André moved to Sacy to get married to Micheline Guillemart, the oldest daughter of a family of winemakers, therefore the origin of the wine production goes much further back in the history.


Apart from their hard work they have spent their time bringing up their three children: Jean-Luc, Christian and Christine. Very quickly the option to produce Champagne came up, this is when the brand André Chemin was born.

Today André Chemin is the third generation of wine growers. They have 6.5 hectares of Premier Cru vineyards and  produce 55 thousand bottles of Champagne a year.


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