Champagne Artwork

26th March 2016

Champagne Artwork

Champagne and sparkling wine can make a great object for artwork – the shape of the glass or bottle, the bubbles, the golden colours and the many associations (elegance, fun, luxury).


Fabien Audebrand – website
A French still-life painter and a follower of hyper-realism and trompe-l’oeil. He uses traditional and modern methods to create classical-style paintings showing the simple beauty of a bottle of wine. He can paint custom bottles, glasses or vineyards as per request.

Leanne Laine website
Born in the Philippines and raised in Canada, Leanne Laine followed her passion for painting. Her stunning artworks are full of life and movement. Check out her ‘Women in Wine Series’.



A simple poster or print can look great framed on the wall.

Vintage Champagne Print – buy
Find rare vintage Champagne prints.

L’Instant Taittinger Poster – buy
This Taittinger advert originated in Reims in 1734 and is now considered a work of art. You can find plenty more vintage Champagne posters on the website.

‘Celebration’ by Jacqueline Brewer – buy
Warm and full of energy, this painting shows the best moment of the party when a bottle of bubbly is opened!

‘I love Champagne’ by Patrick Cornée – buy 
Elegant and feminine painting by artist Patrick Cornée.

Glass of Bubbly

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