Champagne at the Grand Prix

7th June 2015

Champagne at the Grand Prix

Champagne at the Grand Prix dates back to 1950. The first-ever French Grand Prix was held at the Reims-Gueux circuit on 2nd July 1950 and the winner, Juan Manuel Fangio, was presented with a magnum of  Moët & Chandon.

In 1967, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Dan Gurney invented Champagne spraying on the victory podium at Le Mans in 1967, he placed his thumb over the open bottle, shook and intentionally sprayed the onlookers, thus beginning a tradition that has transcended all sports. Nobody had used the bottle like a fire hose to spray the assembled guests before and it is now reenacted by winners everywhere.

Since 2000, all Formula One race podiums are now supplied with a Jeroboam of GH Mumm Cordon Rogue.


Did you know, that if you look at the bottles given to the players on the podium, you’ll see that one GH Mumm logo is upside down, this is so the name of the Champagne can be seen from all angles, even when upside down!

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