Champagne Autréau Lasnot

23rd April 2015

Champagne Autréau Lasnot

Autréau Lasnot is a Champagne House in the village of Venteuil in the heart of the Valley of the Marne.

Since 1932 the Autréau Lasnot family have been growing vines on this same land with vineyards on the hillside stretching out, exposed to the south.

When it comes to harvesting the grapes, the quality is the most important aspect above productivity. The grapes, which are patiently looked after in the vineyards, come in three main varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

All the traditional stages are controlled entirely by the Autréau Lasnot House, the only guarantor of the quality and the spirit of its Champagne over several generations.

The family are passionate about their wines, and it’s their dedication that keeps the House running. They are always happy to welcome guests during their visit to Venteuil!

Written by Virginie AUTREAU

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