Champagne Beaumont des Crayères

31st October 2014

Champagne Beaumont des Crayères

Situated in the heart of the Champagne Region near Epernay, Beaumont des Creyeres is a human adventure, born of the willpower of a group of wine-growers – to create a Grande Marque based on a strong set of values: pride in the vineyards, a desire for independence and a commitment to quality.

The House began in 1955 when a group of winegrowers from a small village on the hillside of Epernay (Mardeuil) joined up to set up a Champagne House. The name Beaumont des Crayères was after one of the finest hillsides in Mardeuil.

Thanks to the quality of the Champagnes, the brand soon established itself in the worldwide market.

Today, with over 70% of production being exported, this Champagne is an international brand with presence on all five continents. With a magnificent vineyard over 86 hectares, it is one of the few Champagne Houses to enjoy the benefits of self-sufficiency – a guarantee of its authenticity and vitality.

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