Champagne Bottle Sizes

9th November 2013

Champagne Bottle Sizes

They say at Christening’s the champagne bottle should be bigger than the baby! It is said that the European average weight of new born babies is 7.7 lb with the range of normal between 5.5 lb and 9.9 lb. This tells us that we need a magnum of Champagne to celebrate the birth of a child.

How much does a bottle of Champagne weigh then?

Because a bottle of Champagne due to the thickness of the glass if heavier than a standard 750ml bottle of wine, it will be around 3lbs in weight.

So what size bottle do you need?

1 x bottle of Champagne (750ml) 3lbs

Magnum 2 bottles (1,5 litres) 7.1 lbs

Jeroboam 4 bottles (3 litres)

Methuselah 8 bottles (6 litres)

Salmanazar 12 bottles (9 litres)

Balthazar 16 bottles (12 litres)

Nebuchadnzzar 20 bottles (15 litres) A full bottle weighs 84 lbs!


If we want to take things further then there are some rarer and should we say out sized bottles of Champagne that includes a Solomon that holds 24 bottles (18 litres) and the Primat which holds 36 bottles (27 litres). The Solomon weighs in at 94.4 lbs and the Primat an impressive 143 lbs!


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