Champagne Breakfast

25th March 2024

French Breakfast

On long holidays, you can afford to have breakfast not only with hastily drunk coffee. After all, this is such a long-awaited time when there is nowhere to rush, you are allowed to be lazy for an hour or two, there is a long, measured day ahead, and breakfast will most likely flow into an early lunch.

A Champagne breakfast is the perfect way to start the day with positive emotions and add something original and adventurous to the regular routine of life. In the Middle Ages, breakfast was considered the lot of the poor, a way to gain strength before a working day filled with harsh physical labor. The nobility preferred to eat closer to noon. As for Champagne, one of the first lovers to drink it early in the morning was Louis XIV. To be fair, Champagne was on the table at other meals as well. The king’s court physician was convinced that this drink had a beneficial effect on the health of the body. The monarch’s inner circle appreciated this habit and then spread to the masses.

Aristocrat’s breakfast: why Champagne?

Champagne goes perfectly with the traditional components of the morning diet – cereals and egg dishes. Unlike traditional table wine, it causes less intoxication and, thanks to the bubbles, irritates the receptors of the tongue, which makes the taste of food brighter. To avoid severe intoxication and get exceptionally pleasant emotions, we recommend preparing Champagne frittata with cheese, bruschetta with crab, pancakes with salmon and red caviar, sweet and savory waffles that can easily be prepared with Еefal waffle iron, and other similar dishes.

Classic breakfast with Champagne is a hearty meal accompanied by a glass of sparkling drink and toast made on tefal waffle iron. In small doses, it improves digestion, elevates mood, and makes dishes taste more interesting and rich. The best choice would be dry and semi-dry varieties – they have a light, refreshing taste with a floral and fruity dominant, which allows you to choose a wide variety of dishes as snacks.

The benefits of Champagne

Undoubtedly, sparkling wines contain substances that can positively affect certain aspects of human health. However, the harm of alcohol and other substances in this drink largely outweighs the benefits, and today, experts from the World Health Organization claim that there is no safe dose of alcoholic beverages.

For example, like red and white wine, Champagne contains the same antioxidants that prevent blood vessel damage, lower bad cholesterol, and prevent blood clots. In turn, these substances themselves reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes. The most important thing is to stay within the drinking limit and enjoy the exquisite pastime at breakfast.

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