Champagne & Canapés

16th June 2020

Pairing Champagne & Canapés

What is a great Champagne to pair with Canapés?

This question was asked to us by Mogul Matchmakers and this was our answer.

Champagne Vollereaux

Champagne Vollereaux With Some Canapés

A Glass Of Champagne Vollereaux With Some Canapés

Achieving their first vintage in 1923 under the ownership of Victor Vollereaux, Champagne Vollereaux owns 40 hectares of land which ensures that they are provided with a steady supply of grapes year on year.

The Vollereaux story begins even earlier than their first vintage, the family has roots dating back to 1805 with their first planting of vines.

At the beginning, only close friends and family were gifted the opportunity to taste a bottle of Vollereaux, but as time went by and the more they grew, now Champagne Vollereaux is available to everyone.

They offer guided tours of their 200 year old cellars and tasting experiences, with one even including Chocolate.




Creating some Canapés for you or your guests doesn’t have to be overly complicated, you just need a good expression of flavours.

For this article, I created two different Canapés.

One including Cheese, Salami & Melon and the other including Tomato Melon & Cheese.

Small bit size treats on cocktail sticks, which were easy to pair with a Glass of Champagne.

Pairing Champagne & Canapés

Champagne Vollereaux with Cheese, Salami & Melon Tasting Notes – “A creamy expression of cheese, with sweet melon and meaty flavours hit with a hint of elegant yellow fruits from the Champagne.”

Champagne Vollereaux with Tomato, Melon & Cheese Tasting Notes – “Tomato and firm cheddar cheese wrap around the meat, the Champagne creates a fizzy yellow fruit flavour that complements the Canapé.”

Oliver Walkey

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