Champagne Cattier

3rd April 2014

Champagne Cattier

The Cattier family has owned the vineyards since 1763.

From 1918 it began making its own Champagnes and selling them under the family name.

Champagne Cattier is situated in Chigny les Roses, a charming village at the heart of the ancient Champagne region, between Reims and Epernay.

Its vineyards cover over 30 hectares of the prestigious Montagne de Reims terroir and is mainly classified as Premier Cru. It includes one of Champagne’s rarest “Clos” the Clos du Moulin.


Champagne Cattier’s cellars are among the deepest in Champagne (30 metres), providing ideal conditions for ageing with a low, constant temperature.

They have been dug out on 3 floors, using 3 architectural styles: Renaissance, Romanesque and Gothic.

In 2006, the first bottles of the premium Armand de Brignac range were sold.

The House is still an independent family enterprise with annual sales of a million bottles.

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