Champagne CH & A Prieur

13th October 2014

Champagne CH & A Prieur

Dating back to 1825, this Champagne House produces cuvees created around the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varities.

Chardonnay, the grape of predilection on the Côte des Blancs, comes from Vertus whilst the Pinot Noir grapes are selected from the crus on the Montagne de Reims. The Pinot Meunier which comes into the Cuvée Grand Prieur Brut blend is from vines in the Marne Valley.

Like all our wines for more than a century, each bottle is laid down in stone cellars built in 1880, a richly historical and magical place where their effervescence is born. Always concerned with the excellence of its products, the House imposes a minimum of three years ageing which allows the aromas to slowly develop and become complex. Moderate dosage ennobles these exceptional cuvées that are perfectly balanced, generous and fruity.

Glass of Bubbly

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