Champagne Charles Heidsieck Releasing Limited Edition Jeroboam

14th November 2016


For the first time in its 165-year history, Champagne Charles Heidsieck is releasing a Jeroboam of its much-celebrated flagship wine, the Brut Reserve NV. This gargantuan format, containing the equivalent of four standard bottles, epitomizes the maverick spirit of the house’s founder, better known as ‘Champagne Charlie’ thanks to his exploits travelling the world in the mid-1800s. A limited number of these Jeroboams will shortly be available via UK agent Liberty Wines.

To celebrate this release a limited number of special edition Jeroboams have been produced, adorned with a replica of a label designed by Charles Heidsieck himself in the 1860s. Charles’ `Cosmopolite’ label embodies the cosmopolitan spirit of both the Champagne House and the man himself, who was a prolific traveller, crossing the Atlantic a number of times to visit the United States and Canada, as well as regular escapades around Europe, Russia and Scandinavia, selling his famous wines.

The new special edition Cosmopolite label is available in two guises. Only a limited bottling of 125 Jeroboams will be released worldwide, cased in a traditional wooden case and decorated with the limited edition design. These Jeroboams are an essential for any Champagne enthusiast wanting a piece of Champagne’s history.

Meanwhile, a further 25 jeroboams will be available as ultra-luxury editions. These rare creations eccentrically house the Jeroboam inside a giant tome which retraces Charles’ incredible story — encompassing his adventures in America, where he was wrongly arrested as a spy during the civil war, bringing the house to near ruin and his eventual redemption and subsequent success in the royal courts of Europe.

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