Champagne Charpentier

14th May 2014

Champagne Charpentier

For more than two centuries, the Charpentiers have been cultivating their vineyards, in the Champagne region on the South hill-sides of the Marne valley. The very first wine-grower of these vineyards, marked on his marraige certificate, ran a post halt at Saulchery, a village near to Charly sur Marne. His business flourished very well, because his most important customers were the coach drivers who rowed their boats with the help of horses along the river La Marne to bring their goods to Paris. This is the reason why the carriage became the house logo. The coach is driving through the gate of the Time, from the past into the future, from the tradition to the modernity.

The first winegrower sold them his white and red wine (a still wine at that time) called “fromenteau”, a wine made with Pinot Meunier, appreciated for its freshness and its fruitfulness.

Jean Marc is the 8th generation in this family exploitation. After studying general agriculture, and later on viticulture and oenology, he inherited the exploitation from his grand -parents in 1988, encouraged and helped by his parents.

In 1989, Jean Marc marries Céline, a winegrowers daughter at Charly-Sur-Marne, a Champagne house for 5 generations. Shared passions!!

The union of the vineyards of the two families established without doubt an extraordinary asset. More over, the situation and the most favourable exposure of the vines at the middle of the hillsides eased the expression of the terroir as proved by the calling names of their parcels: Les Chauffours, Les Chaillots, Les Tuileries, Les Gains…

Nevertheless, a beautiful vineyard isn’t enough, one still has to fructify this vineyard. Thats why, from 1988 and way before the ‘ecology-popularity’, Jean Marc decided to run his entire vineyards with ‘reasonable viticultue’, lasting viticulture (in accordance with the environment). He was one of the first in the Champagne region and shared an experimentation in a group of 8 winegrowers called “Viti 2000” (within this group: Moet et Chandon and Veuve Clicquot) helped by engineers and the oenologists of the “Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne d’Epernay”.

During four years, using all the technology related with this ‘reasonable viticulture’: notions of limited intervention, using natural defences of the vines, replacing earth in the centre of attention by restraining input, using a new technology of growing weed and grassbetween the vines, resulted in the launching in 1989 of the ‘reasonable viticulture’-method in the whole Champagne region. 100% of the 23 hectares Charpentier’s vineyards are run under this method. Thus we find 10 hectares with permanent weed and 13 ha with winter plants (cereals, corn and barley). Today they are running some parcels in test in an organic way.

The most proving results are a less sensibility of the vines for illnesses, the vines produce less, but give, on the contrary, grapes with a higher aroma with a more pronounced recalling of the terroir.

Champagne Charpentier have a team of 8 employees who help with the determination and motivation to work out the production. Each member of the team has a very distinct task and responsibility. Team work, a founding true value of our exploitation, gives a double advantage of being proud together over the results and being loyal about the points that need improvement.

To be able to realise this, huge investments were needed to work with performing material, innovating as well in viticulture as in oenology. The everlasting study in the different fields will of course complete this goal.

Terre D’Emotion Blanc de Noirs

This Champagne has a dense old-gold colour, with shimmering pale gold reflections. Fine bubbles rise persistently.

The nose is open and intense with rich gourmet aromas of vanilla and toasted brioche, developing into red fruits – blackcurrant and raspberry, with delicate refreshing aromas of hawthorn and orange blossom, finishing with some spicy liquorice and Sichuan pepper.

The palate is fresh and full of flavour, with blackcurrant, raspberry and pineapple. The creamy mousse contributes to the smooth texture, sustaining the mid-palate with its fresh acidity and chalky minerality. The lingering gourmet sensation finishes with a refined salinity.

Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier. Ageing 4 – 6 years on its lees.

Brut Réserve

This Champagne is lit up by a straw-yellow colour and a bright shimmer, enhanced by very fine bubbles developing into a delicate mousse.

The nose is rich, yet elegant, with aromas of sweet almond, hawthorn, fresh lemon and white rose. As it opens up, it reveals seductive aromas of marshmallow, linden tree, hazelnut and mango, with a fresh, chalky minerality.

The palate is supple and fresh, with an appealing silky mousse, underpinned by a subtle acidity perfectly balancing the fruit, leaving a lovely refined structure on the palate. Its fine mineral backbone extends the pleasure, with a lingering lacy finish.

70% Pinot Meunier, 20% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir. (25% Reserve Wine) – Four Years Ageing   .

Brut Rosé

This Champagne has a lovely copper appearance with Salmon reflections. Fine and Lively bubbles progress to a delicate mousse

The nose is enchanted with elegant fruity aromas of raspberry, strawberry jam, blackcurrant and redcurrants. With a backbone of pure limestone minerality, it opens out to fresh gourmet aromas of vanilla, mango, litchi, almonds and liquorice

The palate is soft and supple, with very fine bubbles. Its limestone minerality and spicy liquorice support a lively freshness, allowing the powerful red fruit flavours to express themsleves, with a delicate finesse. Its lingering finish prolongs the gourmet pleasure of the Champagne

52% Pinot Meunier, 35% Chardonnay, 13% Red Wine from Pinot Meunier. Aged 3 years.

Brut Tradition

The Champagne is illuminated by a pale gold colour and a straw yellow shimmer. Fine and Lively bubbles contribute to it’s charm.

The nose is elegant and complex, with fruity aromas of mandarin, fresh apple and quince jelly, with hints of raspberry and hawthorn, and limestone minerality, opening out to toasted almonds, saffron and ripe pineapple.

A fine creamy mousse delights the palate.with fresh acidity, a soft mouth feel, and gourmet exotic fruit flavours. Long finish with ethereal  flavours of mandarin and cassis.

75 -80% Pinot Meunier,, 15-20% Chardonnay. 5% Pinot Noir, 15% Reserve Wine. Three years in ageing.

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