Champagne Comtesse de Massy

7th October 2014

Champagne Comtesse de Massy

Comtesse de Massy is a collaboraton between Francois Lavergne and Jean Milan.

This authentic traditional Champagne is a blend of a majority of barrel fermented Chardonnay reserved wines.

Extended ageing on lees has allowed the wine to develop deel and rich flavours with aromas of almond, vanila and toasted nuts to attain incomparable complexity, as well as expression of finesse and freshness from the chardonnay with a perfect balance.

A rare and very elegant champagne for connoisseurs and Champagnes lovers. 100% chardonnay, mostly vinified in oak – dosage brut: 6g/l.

Tasting Notes

On the Eye: Hints of green can be found amongst the light clear yellows
On the Nose: Fresh and clear, citrus aromas come through with gentle clarity
On the Palate: Deep and rich flavours with aromas of almond, vanilla and toasted nuts to attain incomparable complexity. Wonderful length and structure
Food Pairing: As an aperitif or with seafood and canapés

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