Champagne Cuchet-Cez

8th October 2014

Champagne Cuchet-Cez

Champagne Cuchet Cezanne are the very example of artisan Champagne making, stretching back over generations of winegrowers and retaining a family tradition of producing smaller volumes of the highest quality Champagne.

Although the Cuchet-Cez brand was first launched in 1976, the family has a long tradition of growing grapes and producing many different champagnes. Nadia and Francois have launched the new brand and focus their business on working with individual customers. The House is again small with a 5 hectare vineyard producing all 3 main Champagne grapes. The vines are very old, some over 70 years. The House sets itself apart with a tradition of long ageing.

Located in Montvoisin Oeuilly and Boursault in the heart of the Vallee de la Marne, the vineyards cover 5 hectares and are part of a grower co-operative with all three main grape varieties grown. The priority of the House is the respect for the land, the terroir, and producing a style of Champagne which reflects the local environment. The co-operative follow a strategy of viticulture “sensible” to ensure optimal control of the yields in order to offer a range of quality Champagnes.

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