Champagne ‘Dame de Briau’

21st October 2016


Jean-Pierre Got has painted on canvas a large replica of the ‘Art Deco’ fashion for the Champagne ‘Dame de Briau’ advertising poster.

In order to faithfully duplicate colours, graphic effect and texture of the gouache and pastel of the original drawing, he used oil pastel crayons. The framed painting will decorate the reception room of the famous Briau wine house located at 94 rue David Johnston in Bordeaux.

From his Bordeaux studio, French artist Jean-Pierre Got paints advertising posters for the wine industry in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco colourful styles. His portfolio of work ranges from high-spirited, joyful subject matter to more tender, heart-warming portrayals. Using a traditional poster-design technique, illustration and text are hand painted in gouache enhanced by pastel & charcoal crayons.

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