Champagne de Castellane

20th August 2014

Champagne de Castellane


The Viscount Florens de Castellane, heir of one of the oldest families in France, established his Champagne house in Epernay.
Visionary and resolute to promote his brand to the eyes of the world, he chose as his logo the red “Saint-Andrews” cross as a tribute to the standard of the oldest regiment in the Champagne region.

Boni de Castellane, cousin of the Visount, is in charge of the distribution in Paris and rapidly makes it the champagne of choice for the Parisian “Smart-Set” during the Belle-Epoque period. In theaters, upper restaurants, de Castellane is poured in the most trendy places…

In 1902, the House de Castellane asked the famous Italian painter Leonetto Cappiello to design its first “advertising poster”. Since then de Castellane has developed a real patronage of poster art with an incredible collection of paintings and posters. Directed by Fernand Mérand, the “Union Champenoise” acquired de Castellane and integrate it in its imposing buildings located on the famous “Avenue de Champagne”. The brand de Castellane is preserved. Thanks to its prestige and great notoriety, the “Union Champenoise” company is finally renamed to “Champagne de Castellane”.

The early death of Alexandre Mérand obliged his family to take-over the company, under the direction of his daugther Claude Mérand, married to Bernard de Nonancourt, owner and Director of Champagne Laurent-Perrier. de Castellane entered the Laurent-Perrier group and is still owned and managed by the Nonancourt’s family.



The elaboration of quality and consistent Champagnes requires a patient, precise and meticulous hand. Therefore, all harvesting is carried out by hand in order to preserve each grape up to pressuring.

The character of the grapes from each village or cru is then preserved by individual vinifaction of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier in specially adapated vats. Fermentation takes place at low temperatures to emphasize the elegance and aromatic complexity of each variety and cru.

A meticulous selection, orchestrated by the cellar master, brings together all of the different wines into one harmoinous blend, encapsulating the “de Castellane style”.

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