Champagne de Castelnau Brut Rosé

9th November 2014

Champagne de Castelnau Brut Rosé

Our winemaker’s comments:

Slightly salmony/pink grapefruit in colour. The nose is subtle, recalling fleshy little wild strawberries and sundrenched ripe plums. On the palate, it is soft and rich but still retains a lovely lightness of touch. Notes of sweets and crystallised fruits linger, lifted by a touch of eau-de-vie of cherries from the Pinot Noir as befits a true rosé. This cuvée has all the character of a white Champagne plus that subtle extra charm of a true Rosé Champagne.

Food and wine matching: ThiThis Rosé Champagne will show at its best matched with warm fruit tarts, clafoutis and other desserts based on white and red berries. It will also make a delightful apéritif.

35 % Chardonnay
14 % Pinot Noir
51 % Pinot Meunier
10 % Pinot vinified as red wine

20% of the blend is composed of reserve wines to lend maturity and complexity.

Glass of Bubbly

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