Champagne de Venoge Releases Gold within a Golden Bottle!

13th November 2017


Champagne de Venoge are hitting a very ‘celebrational moment’ (as if we need an excuse to enjoy Champagne) in that they are coming up to the 180th birthday! So of course bubbles are in order and to make the moment even more special they have what I call, gold within a golden bottle, their 1996 vintage Louis D’Or (1996 Millésime Louis XV).

For anyone who has tasted this Champagne, you will most likely remember the moment, I certainly have it stored in my memory. I was lucky enough to be a guest of Champagne de Venoge where I then took lunch with their charming CEO Gilles de la Bassetiere and we enjoyed lunch at the Michelin Star restaurant of Epernay, Hostellerie La Briqueteries and also enjoyed a glass or two of the 1996 Louis XV.

The aromas alone are a delight of vanilla, honey, spices and brioche and the taste is what many people search for in their vintage Champagne, a rich yet smooth, ripe yellow stone fruits, vanilla, brioche and great length palate experience.

The bottle itself, for the standard Millésime 1996, is that unique classy decanter style in shape (many people I am sure kept the bottles once empty to add a candle to on their dinning room table) and now they have taken things a step further, and very pleasing on the eye it is too, by making it a golden bottle (rather like that of Bottega / Armand de Brignac). It looks truly stunning and a great way to celebrate the family’s 180th year of existence and to also pay homage to the special date of 25th May 1728 when Louis XV of France made viticultural history by issuing a decree allowing only wines from Champagne to be both shipped and marketed in bottles.

The price of this rather unique Champagne is a mere 153 euros so there is, even more, reason to celebrate with Champagne de Venoge!

Christopher Walkey

Co-founder of Glass of Bubbly. Journalist and author focused on Champagne & Sparkling Wines and pairing them with foods.