Champagne de Venoge’s Tabletop Christmas Tree

7th November 2018


For Christmas and the New Year, the ‘Vin des Princes’ Blanc de Blancs will add an extra sparkle to the finest tables, both through the quality of this sophisticated, world famous Champagne and through its special limited-edition presentation box. Conceived as a reference to the magnificent Christmas tree that graces the Louis XV salon of the Maison de Venoge each year – a salon dedicated to the King of France who inspired this Champagne – this presentation box in the shape of a fir tree on a Royal Blue background (noblesse oblige) is a delightful idea for the season of good cheer! Surrounded by a multitude of tiny phosphorescent stars, it shimmers softly in an enchanting display when the lights are low. Incredibly elegant, it will be the perfect decoration for a festive table.

The exquisite box also conceals a veritable treasure – the Cuvée des Princes Blanc de Blancs. Created in 1864 by Joseph de Venoge as a tribute to the Princes of Orange, the Cuvée des Princes is a unique Champagne. Its attractive carafe is inspired by the habit of great European aristocrats in the early 20th century had of decanting Champagne into crystal carafes. This 100% Chardonnay Blanc de Blancs is made exclusively from Premier and Grand Crus (Mesnil sur Oger, Trépail), blended in pure respect for tradition by the de Venoge Cellar Master. Superbly mineral, it reveals subtly floral notes of white flowers and aromas of citrus fruit which underline its freshness and elegance. It has magnificent ageing potential and is a perfect festive aperitif or pairing for a light first course.

RRP of the Limited-Edition Christmas Tree Box: €70


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