Champagne De Watère

24th October 2014

Champagne De Watère

The roots of the family De Watere are as long-reaching as those of Champagne itself. The first known ancestor was officially recorded in 1086 as one Guillame de Watère.

Champagne has always played an important role in the family. Not merely as a celebratory drink. More so, as a reason to come together as a family. Seeing how everyone would come to the Vallée de la Marne every year to taste the new Cuvee inspired me to take it to the next level when I was handed over management of out Champagne.

I did what many friends and prospective customers had suggested to the old management: make De Watère Champagne the fresh, eco-friendly and organic for the Connoisseur by offering it to the general public.

The aim is to constantly create a Champagne that is worthy of representing the family’s origin history, while celebrating our ability to adapt and lead into modern times.


Cutting edge research suggests what we always found: traditional methods of production are much better for the enviroment than machines. So, everything at our premier Cru vineyard in the Vallee de la Marne, the heartland of Champagne, is kept as traditional and as enviromentally friendly as possible.

To ensure the utmost care is taken when working in the vineyard, we employ horses instead of tractors. Our animals are much better suited to sense – like the vignoron himself – how to move along the rows of vines without disturbing their development.

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